Demystifying Environmental Stewardship in Canada

There are 85+ producer responsibility programs in Canada. Your company must support the blue box program and product recycling programs across Canada. Where are you required to report?
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What We Bring to the Table

Steward Wise is a boutique consultancy firm helping businesses understand circularity and comply with producer responisbility laws in Canada.

Regulatory Impact Assessments

We can identify your organization’s compliance obligations under the full spectrum of stewardship laws in Canada, current and soon to be in force.

Process Review

We can review your current processes for data management strengths and weaknesses. We set out to design process for accuracy, along with workflow documentation, to ensure long term success and audit preparedness.


Plan, do, check, act. Plan, do, check act. Steward Wise has partnered with Graham Hill Consulting in order to deliver you the best in environmental management systems and more.

Staff Training

Steward Wise ensures multiple stakeholders in your organization understand the "producer pays principle" laws in Canada which mitigates your risk of losing knowledge due to employee turnover.

Audit Preparation

Steward Wise prepares you for external audits ordered by stewardship authorities.

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About Steward Wise

With ten years of focused experience in Canadian producer responsibility and environmental stewardship, we have been through it all. Regular reporting, process development and documentation, data maintenance, audits and the challenge of communicating these programs to upper management.

Steward Wise aims to develop an easy-to-understand compliance program for your company that will survive the long-run. Procedural development and staff training are key elements of this solution.

Provincial stewardship programs are constantly changing. Fees are being updated, new products are being captured, reporting rules shift. Steward Wise keeps on top of this fluctuating sea of information for you.

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